My Favourite Podcasts

My Top 3 Podcasts by Category:

Click on any tab below to see my two or three favourite podcasts by category (updated March, 2015). Also, be sure to subscribe to my podcast, Never Expire.
Favorite PreachersNews and EventsTechnologyHistoryCulture and BooksLeadershipProductivity for PastorsRandom LearningBrain Candy
[asa_item id=”352660924″ more_info_text=”Tim Keller”] [asa_item id=”262317288″ more_info_text=”Andy Stanley”] [asa_item id=”616256661″ more_info_text=”J. D. Greaar”]
[asa_item id=”390278738″ more_info_text=”Al Mohler”] [asa_item id=”454755642″ more_info_text=”The World and Everything In It”] [asa_item id=”324173353″ more_info_text=”Breakpoint”]
[asa_item id=”561470997″ more_info_text=”New Tech City”] [asa_item id=”73329404″ more_info_text=”TWIT”] [asa_item id=”646537599″ more_info_text=”Benjamen Walker”]
[asa_item id=”173001861″ more_info_text=”Hardcore History”] [asa_item id=”684370851″ more_info_text=”5 Minutes in Church History”] [asa_item id=”337142433″ more_info_text=”The Christian Humanist”]
[asa_item id=”673883284″ more_info_text=”Read to Lead”] [asa_item id=”390278978″ more_info_text=”Thinking in Public”] [asa_item id=”582049752″ more_info_text=”Seminary Dropout”]
[asa_item id=”502414581″ more_info_text=”Michael Hyatt”] [asa_item id=”912753163″ more_info_text=”Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast”] [asa_item id=”638894745″ more_info_text=”Thom Rainer on Leadership”]
[asa_item id=”683846454″ more_info_text=”Sermon Smith”] [asa_item id=”731099219″ more_info_text=”The Productive Pastor”] [asa_item id=”554734474″ more_info_text=”Beyond the To Do List”]
[asa_item id=”278981407″ more_info_text=”Stuff You Should Know”] [asa_item id=”394775318″ more_info_text=”99% Invisible”] [asa_item id=”201671138″ more_info_text=”This American Life”]
[asa_item id=”953290300″ more_info_text=”Invisibilia”] [asa_item id=”523121474″ more_info_text=”TED Radio Hour”] [asa_item id=”332516054″ more_info_text=”Art of Manliness”]

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