Do you have mobile devices like iPods or iPads in your home? It may interest you to know that tablets and phones are the most common tools for porn consumption. 52% of pornography consumed in the United States this year was consumed on mobile devices; a further 10% was consumed on tablets. This means that almost two thirds of pornography is now being viewed on devices other than desktop computers.[1]These stats are easy to find, but most often featured on sites that link to porn, therefore I have chosen not to directly link to this info.

SpikesThis means that we can’t afford not to take proactive measures for protecting our children (and in some cases, ourselves), from the dark side of the internet. Maintaining a good relationship between the internet and a safe home is not easy, but it is worth it. In the book, Faith and the Modern Family we find this metaphor explaining why we must put in the effort:

“Let’s say that when I was younger I wanted to go to the mall and walk around for a few hours. While at the mall, I may want to get into a car with a stranger or maybe take candy from someone I don’t know. In any case, I want the option to do what I want. I may also want to hand out my address to a few people and tell them when I am home alone. Given this old-school example, what do you think a healthy parental response should be? How about, “No. You may not go unless I go with you.” Now back to the modern world. Let’s say that when our children were younger they wanted to surf around the Internet for a few hours. While looking around, they decide to get into a digital car with someone they have never met, take some digital candy and exchange a few messages and pictures. They accept the person’s friend request and give them a digital address as well. Given this example, what do you think a healthy parental response should be? How about, “No, you may not go unless I go with you.”

If you are convinced that you need to up your security, start with Tim Challies excellent guide: The Porn Free Family Plan. This article guides you through how to set up your home tech, including your router and mobile devices. This should help keep your home safe from unwanted content on the internet!

Or, the 110 dollar router-based solution by the new company Circle by Disney is highly recommended and is much easier to manage than any other solution because it begins with your router, allows you to monitor usage, and give internet time allowances to individual family members.

Finally, look at Tim Challies post to make sure you have thought of everything: The Porn-Free Family Plan.

Recommended Book:

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The Internet and a Safe Home


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