Internet AgeI have often asked myself: Why didn’t Jesus come in the Internet age? Galatians 4:4 says that “when the time had fully come” Jesus came to earth. Obviously God had a specific purpose in mind for sending Christ 2000 years ago, but we know he could have spread his message much more quickly using social media and YouTube. Imagine if we had the Sermon on the Mount on video! It would be so awesome to see Jesus in person.

Ravi Zacharias suggests a possible reason for why Jesus didn’t come today, arguing that humans would transfer reverence from Christ’s person to the videos, audio recordings, and digital photos of Christ. He says: “I am convinced that Jesus came in a day and age where he could not have been photographed or videotaped because anyone of us would admit that even a videoed reproduction of Christ’s sermon on the mount would be 1000 times more effective than any one of the sermons we could muster up. But I think as soon as you’ve got that image, and as soon as you got personal attachment and belongingness, you’ve got reverence for an object.”[1]

Have you ever considered how Christianity might be different if Jesus came today? To help answer this question, consider that one of the best definitions for Christian is “little Christ.” The goal of Christianity is to become so much like Christ that when people look at a follower of Jesus, they see Jesus. This is summarized well in the old WWJD? phrase. However, now imagine that we have digital documentation of Christ’s sermons and miracles. I believe this would make Christians much less responsible to represent Christ to the world.

I know God had his reasons for sending Jesus when he did, but one of the biggest marvels of the gospel is that he trusts us to represent him. Are you doing a good job?

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Why Didn’t Jesus Come In the Internet Age?


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