The SMART Strategy: Technology and Your Family

This morning, I spoke at the Alberta Home Education Association’s convention on technology in the home. The talk was called: “The SMART Family: Balancing Technology and Life”. I presented a five step process on how to create some principles and rules to balance technology with family life in the modern home. …

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Controlling Other People’s Imaginations: A Brief History of Advertizing

Manufacturing Desire: After the industrial revolution, the economy produced more goods than people needed. For example, with only two machines, one company “could immediately produce 240,000 cigarettes a day–more than the entire U.S. market smoked. Such overproduction was the rule, not the exception.” 1)Rodney Clapp, “Why the Devil Takes VISA,” …

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Technology is Not Neutral: The iPad is a Rattle on Steroids

Technology is Not Neutral Image

Technology Is Ecological: Technology is not neutral. Most often people will tell you that that technology is neutral, the problem is not with the technology but in how it is used. Those who make this argument usually appeal to the old example: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Although …

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